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Eyewear Branding & Web Design


We designed a powerful and elegant typography identity adding to the whole personality of the brand in its look. We then developed an innovative e-commerce experience, pioneering the now-ubiquitous virtual and at-home try-on features. Our partnership continued post-launch, as we applied the brand identity to the product, packaging, lookbook, and debut campaign art direction.


RICCADO is a brand new eyewear store based in New York, specializes in premium fashion, lifestyle and performance brands. With vast experience in this sector, it has a client portfolio that includes several professional athletes and celebrities from national television.


We were challenged to redesign the visual identity of the brand so that it would show its values ​​more clearly and provide more effective communication with the target audience.


In this project, we developed a result based on our sources of inspiration for the creation of the logo, a test device used by ophthalmologists, called the phoropter, and noble material, the copper to unfold the new identity of the brand in all its supports.

The graphic identity has become a very important pillar in the brand's approach to the market, establishing strong and clear communication between a brand and the target audience from the beginning.


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Graphic Design

Web Design



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