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Gelato Cake Store


Branding, Packaging & Website Design

Gelato Cake Store is a local dessert brand, created by a team of proud Australians. Our vision is to be a leading low-calorie ice cream brand that caters to all groups of all ages in Australia, and globally in the near future. 


It is our main interest to put customers’ happiness at the heart of our business. Gelato Cake Store hence focuses on all aspects that support it, from product quality and value, creative branding to excellent customer service.


We believe in the power of guilt-free ice cream in improving both the mental and physical well-being of its consumers. Holding to this principle, all Gelato Cake Store variants are churned and packed in colorful baby cubes with love and passion. Gelato Cake Store low-calorie ice cream tastes unbelievably naughty but seriously healthy.


Too good to be true? Experience Gelato Cake Store to believe it!


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