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Dr. Garnier

Cosmetic Branding & Packaging Design


DR. Garnier is a brand that confidently proposes care cosmetics for use in clinics, which were created through carefully selected ingredient formulations and repeated research by dermatologists and cosmetic researchers. DR. Garnier is a derma skincare brand that can be used without any doubt about its ingredients and effects, establishing a differentiated identity at the product and brand level, maintaining a consistent positioning regardless of trends.


Professional Standard Skin confidence to recover with skincare products made by experts and used in clinics.


DR. Garnier exists to help people with skin concerns, such as a red face caused by irritating facial treatments, and skin troubles caused by external stimulus and stress. DR. Garnier is a professional skincare brand that will help you to quickly recover your skin confidence, based on proven effects reported in international academic papers written by dermatologists with twenty years of clinical experience.


Brand Identity Design

DR. Garnier has developed the design elements in a minimalist way, leaving only essential, according to the principle of “Simple yet Intuitive!” DR. Garnier’s logo is concise yet structured, combining the perfection of geometric forms with a modern and reliable serif font. In addition, all DR. Garnier products serve as a platform that delivers brand value to consumers through a grid system that delivers information most effectively and material expresses DR. Garnier’s unique rational mood.


Art Direction



User Experience



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